Sunday, March 29, 2009

*random thought of the day*

hey peoples!!

yeah, okay, I totally forgot that I had a blog... oops. so yeah, nothing new posted in forevs!! :P

so let's see...

since the last time I posted, I have:

- gone back up to MD (where I grew up) and had a super-fantabulous time!!

- made some sales on etsy!!! woooooot! :) nothing better than that, right?

- been a twitter-ing fool!! you can find my twitter here:

- met some really awesome Etsy peeps on both twitter and Etsy chat. funnnnn!!!

- cut my hair!!! all by myself, yes, I am multi-talented. :P

- made a ton of new necklaces and things! yayyyy.

- and I think that is about it. not so exciting, but that is my life! hahaha. ;)

oh and for the random thought of the day ****

------ I was listing something on Etsy this morning and when I was uploading the photos for the necklace, it says, "upload in progress..." !!! in progress !!! lol. awesome, even using the ellipses that I love so much... ;)

how perfect!!! :)
oh and here is the lovely birdcage necklace I sold yesterday! super cute! ;)


The Milkshake April 23, 2009 at 5:57 PM  

What a cute owl and cage!

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