Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Special Seller Saturdays -- A Weekly Feature

I started a forum thread (which you can see here -- looking for talented up and coming Etsy artists. This will be a weekly (maybe even a couple times a week!) feature, the first one follows below, enjoy!

♥ kelsey.

up first -- Stephanie of "Pretty Much Art"

Stephanie's shop features her original works in a variety of different forms. Everything starts out as a hand-drawn illustration, which is then scanned and manipulated in Photoshop.

You can purchase her art as notecards, bookmarks, pendants, coasters, or magnets. She also offers matted prints. Even more special is the fact that the 11x14 total size white matted works are one of a kind; only one of each design will be printed and sold.

Straight from 23 year old Stephanie's Etsy profile --

"My current line is 'Pretty Much Natural' consisting of plants and weeds with an occasional butterfly, dragonfly, bird, or frog. Some are on the softer, more natural side, while some have a little more wild and funky flair."

The art works in PrettyMuchArt are separated into thoughtful sections for easy shopping. Here are some of my favorites --

Little Blue Bird Pretty Pendant...

Orange Flower, Funky Notecards (set of 4)...

Hot Pink Dragonfly Magnets (Set of 4)...

Be sure to check out the rest of her refreshing and bold designs! :)


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