Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three posts in one day; must be a record.

Today wasn't terribly eventful. I woke up and ate cookie dough. The package said bake before enjoying... I enjoyed it anyway; I'm a rebel like that.

Next I checked the schedule for the Vlabs on Etsy. I planned on attending the 4pm lab, and marked it on my metaphorical calendar. Then I spent a good 12 minutes pretending I was hosting my own Vlab. Basically this consisted of me talking to my laptop and "audience". I even answered questions and took compliments on my outfit, good times.

And before my big debut, I did some necessary primping and makeup-ing. Then of course I took pictures to document the event (Those were the ones I posted earlier. See, it's all coming together?)

Then I spent some time editing said photos (What? You think they just come out looking gorgeous?) while listening to my iTunes playlist. My mom came in and started asking something in the quiet part of a song, and was a bit startled to suddenly hear the soft voice of the girl from Camera Obscura. "Are you talking to someone?" she asks. "No, I'm talking to you, that would be rude." "Oh okay," this seems to satisfy her. Turns out she was going to the bank and some other places, I think, I wasn't really listening.

And so, this was my morning. Oh the mundane-ness of it all.

♥ kelsey.


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