Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tripod dangers

I bought a tripod the other day. It wasn't very expensive and it's a "travel" tripod so the legs pull out and can be retracted to different lengths.

I was testing it out and I had so much trouble getting one of the legs back in! I had to really force it and the palm of my hand got caught and pinched. Then I said some bad words and threw the tripod down. I guess it's got some pretty sharp edges because it cut the skin in like a half moon shape. arghhhhhhh.

It's fine now but I think I will just leave the legs at this same height and not bother with "folding" it up again! Now it's not really a "travel" tripod, but that's not a big deal anyway. It's better than hurting my hand!

I got some more film photos developed too, this one I took with the tripod;

I bought this little Dala horse at the thrift store recently. It was only a few dollars and I've always liked them;

00000022 - Copy

My fabulous copy of Jane Eyre;

And this one is horribly out of focus, but I liked it anyway;

00000021 - Copy

It's an old "board" type book of Little Red Riding Hood, in German! (Rotk├Ąppchen) We got this when we lived in Germany when I was younger, and I've always loved it! It's very darling.

more later;
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Tali Schiffer August 13, 2010 at 3:28 PM  

That's no good, dangerous tripods! Hope you get it fixed thought, cause it does help a lot to be able to fold the legs in and have it compact for walking around...
Have a great weekend :)

M.M.E. August 16, 2010 at 7:28 PM  

I really like the photograph you took with the tripod. And I'm just in love with the Jane Eyre book. Such a lovely design. I know what you mean about those horses. They're just so adorable.

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